Learn Belly Dance

The art of belly dance has originated from the Middle Eastern countries. The term “Belly Dance,” in fact, was first introduced in the west, whereas in the Middle East, it was better known as “Raqs-e-Sharqi” – an Arabic word which translates to “Eastern dance.”

Why Belly Dance is so Popular?

One might wonder that with a huge cultural difference in the Middle East and West, how was belly dance so effectively able to penetrate in the western societies?

Well, the answer is simple: Belly dance is great and unique. People can’t help but sit back and watch it whenever they get an opportunity for it. And for the performers, it is not just dance, it is an excellent exercise.

Following the joy in both watching and doing belly dance, it is of no surprise that it gained extraordinary traction in the western countries when given courtesy by stars like Shakira and many others.

How To Do Belly Dance – 8 Tips & Tricks That Can Get You Started Right Away

How To Do Belly Dance at Home

If you think you can’t learn belly dance, think again.

Anyone can practice this art – your belonging to either east or west makes no impact. And the best part is that it is not something like ballet dance. With some trial and error, and some days or weeks of patience, you can learn belly dance like a charm and master it over time.

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Below are some of the most essential and basic tips that you must know when you are learning belly dance:

1. Warm up Your Body

Before you start off your dancing session, it is always good to get it warmed up by some stretching exercise. This will effectively prevent potential muscle strains and injuries that are likely to happen in the beginning. You can do the following exercises to warm up your body:

  • Bend down and touch your toes, or at least try.
  • Roll your neck and shoulders to feel nice and relaxed.
  • Although, not mandatory, doing a backbend can help preventing abdominal muscle stretching.

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2. Ensure Proper Clothing

The best outfit for your first belly dance session is a delicate trouser and t-shirt that exposes your belly. It is good to be in front of the mirror as it helps keeping an eye on your movements. Also, do not forget to tie your hair up so that they don’t distract you.

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3. Turn on the Right Type of Music

A lot of people make the mistake of practicing belly dance without turning on the music. This can negatively impact your overall experience. And it is not just about turning on the music, it’s about turning on the right music.

In this case, you should prefer music that is of Arabic or Middle Eastern origin. Belly dance goes best with this type of music as it tends to have strong repetitive base that aids your dancing moves.

4. Take Control of Your Emotions

Remember, doing belly dance is fun and healthy. Never get nervous – it happens when you are dancing with your fellow learners or in front of an audience (even if it’s as little as one person) – but rather use your energy to put life into your dance.

Eradicate all negative thoughts, give yourself a pep talk if needed be, and just relax and have a good time.

5. Use All Areas of Your Dance

You do not want to do vertical dance, it is plain boring. If you want to call yourself a belly dancer, you should be moving up, down, front, and back during your dance.

6. Don’t Try to Rush Over

This is another mistake that rookie belly dancers make so often. Never try to speed through your belly dance. Belly dance is calm yet energetic (with no signs of a rush).

7. Stay at the Correct Posture

Your rib cage should be kept lifted, abs engaged, knees soft, and pelvic tucked. Keep your shoulders down and stay relaxed and balance. Following these few simple posture rules will aid your Belly Dance throughout the session.

8. Keep Challenging Yourself

Be cautious of falling into the dancer’s rut. Don’t get comfortable if you have mastered some dance moves; be always ready to learn new styles and trying out new music.

Belly Dancing Videos for Beginners

Never underestimate the power of videos for learning new arts and skills online or offline. Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs), which are simply a collection of step by step videos explaining a particular topic in detail, are considered to be the biggest mean of educating people throughout the world.

And the effectiveness of this kind of learning system is promising enough. Talent and skill is becoming more wide spread and more and more hidden gems are emerging in all walks of life.

And Belly Dance is no exception. There is no denying to the fact that you can easily and effectively learn Belly Dance skills through videos that are available online for free. How good is that? You will learn at your own pace – whenever, wherever you want. All that is required is an access to the internet.

Below are some of the most outstanding videos explaining the art of Belly Dance in detail. They are fun, thorough, and easy to follow step by step. So, make sure to check them out and see if you can get the ball rolling.

Learn Belly Dance at HomeBelly Dancing Moves

You cannot simply call yourself even a beginner Belly Dancer if you are not completely familiar with the basic Belly Dancing Moves.

Now, what these belly dance moves really are and how should you perform them? Let’s talk in detail.

At the core, there are 7 families of Belly Dancing moves, under each family there are different corresponding body moves, all of which we’re going to discuss in this article below.

Belly Dance Moves Family # 1 – Lifts and Drops

Basic Lifts and Drops:

The basic hip lifts and drops can be performed by first standing in Basic pose. Now, to drop and lift the hip, you will need to bend and straighten your knees respectively.

Always keep your knees released when straightening during your basic hip lifts and drops, never lock your knees. These are the most basic moves you can learn in belly dance.

Classic Lifts and Drops – The Egyptian Moves:

This one requires more of your concentration and control of your body. Weight in the supporting leg, and keep your right foot on toe position and knees soft. Take control of your body and be centered, revert from leaning back.

Now, lift the right hip slightly upward. Drop the right hip downward in a strong move while keeping your body steady. These Egyptian Belly Dance moves are not just so exciting to watch, but you will also have a fun yet challenging time practicing them.

Belly Dance Moves Family # 2 – The Sliding

Hip Slide:

This move requires you to stand in the basic pose with hip under your feet. Straighten your support knee while releasing the other one, and keep shifting your weight from leg to leg this way. You will soon get into the rhythm of doing this.

Now, you need to slide your hip out and then back, as your weight transfers from one foot to the other. Keep going on like this. That’s how you go on to practicing the basic hip slide belly dance move.

Chest Slide:

The chest slide proceeds as if there was a thread attached behind your heart, on the spine. Now, your rib case moves to the right side completely independent from your shoulders and hips, as if there was a puppeteer pulling that thread attached to your spine in that direction.

Belly Dance Moves Family # 3 – The Shimmy

Basic Shimmy:

You should start off with your basic pose. Push right knee forward, then back. And then repeat the same thing with the left knee. These movements should be slow and small in size. Keep your knees soft, breath steady and relaxed. Keep doing so until the shimmy outbreaks through your bottom.

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Shoulder Shimmy:

This Belly Dance move is best practiced by two women facing each other. It is indeed a delightful sight to see two women doing shoulder shimmy together, leaning toward and away from each other alternatively in unison.

Belly Dance Moves Family # 4 – The Twist

Basic Hip Twist:

This Belly Dance move goes as follows: you straighten your supporting leg while releasing the other one. You basically shift your weight from one foot to another. But the key is to not your pelvis move away from the center while doing so, and you should also keep your hips leveled with horizon.

Classical Hip Twist:

Hip twists are one of the most delightful moves for women as they indirectly massage ovaries. Start off while being in the classical pose. Your hips should be leveled with the horizon.

Now, pull your working hip back from the mean position and let your torso face the far corner of the room. You should now swing your working hip back to the front – to give your movement more energy and accent, you should hold at the end of the twist.

Belly Dance Moves Family # 5 – The Circles

Basic Hip Circle:

Adapt the basic pose, but this time, your feet should be slightly apart from each other. Imagine as if you were in a cylinder, the height of which was up to your hips. Now, shift your weight to the side, while firmly keeping your feet grounded into the earth.

You should now start to clean the inside of this hypothetical cylinder with your hip scarf. When the point of cleaning the front of this cylinder comes, you shouldn’t bend your back or trust your pelvis forward, try to keep your upper body over your knees. This move is well known for creating injuries for newbies, so be careful about that.

Classical Hip Circle:

Hip movement is the same here as Basic Hip circle, the only difference is that it is done in the classical pose. You would have to imagine a small circle, and you will trace around this circle with your hips. To be fair, doing this move isn’t that easy.

You will need to push your working foot forward – this will shift some more weight on to it. Now, circle that hip around out to the side, then gradually get it back and connect it to the core eventually.

Belly Dance Moves Family # 6 – The Figure 8

You will find out soon as to why this Belly Dance move is named like this. To perform the figure 8, imagine as if there was a figure of number 8 on the ground. Now, step one foot in each half. Trace this 8 with your hips while putting the weight on the right foot.

Slowly continue tracing this path while pushing your hip backward in round motion. Now, continue the same process for going towards the left side.

Belly Dance Moves Family # 7 – The Undulations

It proceeds like a sneaky wave that travels up and down your body. This is one of the most sensual and fluid Belly Dance moves you can ever practice. Usually, it is best not to start with the undulations moves. You should consider it if you are an intermediate level Belly Dancer.

How to Learn Belly Dancing at Home

How to Learn Belly Dancing At Home

There are a lot of effective ways of learning belly dance at home. These include the following three ways:

Learning Belly Dance through a Dance Teacher or Coach

This is, in my opinion, the best way to learn belly dance at home. The focus and commitment an experienced belly dance teacher can give you is priceless and is rare to find anywhere else. But the unfortunate reality is that good belly dance teachers are not available everywhere.

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And it is highly likely that you may not have the privilege of having a belly dance coach at your disposal. If that’s your case, you may want to follow the next step for learning belly dance at home.

Learning Belly Dance at Home through Videos

Like we have discussed in detail in this article, belly dance can be easily learned through videos if you are comfortable with this type of learning environment.

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Learning through online videos doesn’t always have to be solo. You can practice the steps with a friend or two and make a classroom type environment where you learn with fun.

Belly Dance Courses

If you want to take self belly dance learning experience to the next level, you can take any one of several high quality belly dance courses (Click Here) available online. Learning belly dance online is actually a very good idea. Why? Well, the main reason is that finding out videos online for learning belly dance in the correct hierarchy can be a daunting task.

This is the main challenge faced by online learners. You will hardly ever find videos all in one place. You don’t always know what comes next and what were the prerequisites for the lesson you have just taken.

It is very important to learn the art of Belly Dance from the basics and then level up your skill gradually. And this is what only a carefully crafted course can bring you.